"Csaba and Berta are very nice people and they have wonderful 3 little kids. I really enjoyed my time at their place in helping them in all kind of things they needed. They gave me a good feeling from the start and turned their house to be mine too. They respected my privacy and always wanted to help with any problem I had. Their village is small and quiet, but you can find here anything you need - there is little market and a pub 3 minutes walking from the farm. I recommend every WOOFer and other kind of volunteers to come to Kács to be a part of this lovely farm."

Idan, Israel


"Berta and Csaba have a wonderful farm, full of life and warmth. They have many animals, not only goats, but also dogs, cats and chickens, a big vegetable garden and fruit orchard. Berta and Csaba are very friendly and welcoming, happy to share their home, their food (including delicious homemade goat cheese and yogurt) and their knowledge about animals and plants both wild and cultivated. Volunteers have their own cottage to sleep in with its own bathroom and shower. Kács is a lovely village tucked into the hills of the Bükk national park, a beautiful expanse of wild forest full of caves, animals, mushrooms and wild flowers, definitely worth exploring. The community is tightly knit, everyone shares what they have with each other and visit with each other in the evenings. I highly recommend volunteering to work on this farm, it is a special place that you won't forget."

Gideon, United States 


"My boyfriend and I spent 3 months travelling around Hungary and wwoofing at several different farms.  Our time spent at Lifetree Garden was not only our favorite, it was the most rewarding place we went.  Berta and Csaba have a wealth of knowledge between them and are happy to share it.  They and the kids are sweet, fun and very generous.  My boyfriend had an old surfing injury act up while we were working there and they were completely understanding and helpful.  Although I never managed to get the hang of milking the goats, the milk, cheese, yogurt...everything was so delicious and fresh.  Berta and Csaba's was also the most self sustaining and eco friendly of all the farms we visited.  There are some nice hikes in the area, a little store if you need anything and even a pub right up the road.  People in the village were friendly despite us not being able to speak very much Hungarian.  I would recommend anyone to go there and hope one day to go back myself to learn more from this lovely family."

Leesa Curnan  San Francisco, CA  and Dre Martens  Sennen Cove, UK


"Berta and Csaba are working together to foster a sustainable organic farm.  Not only am I sure they will succeed, I felt privileged to work for them.  The farm itself is beautiful and peaceful, with an old growth orchard and fields of diverse crops.   The work varied day to day, Berta and Csaba both checking in on my interest level and physical ability, neither of which was necessary considering I was working in exchange for room and board.  They are both warm and genuine.  I weeded fields, harvested veg, fruit and flowers, hunted for mushrooms, and helped build a stone pathway.  I even got to milk a goat for the first time.  The cats and dogs around the farm were friendly—I was there in the early summer, you can’t imagine all the puppies and kittens!  The plums are the best I’ve ever tasted.  But none of this compared to the joy I felt participating in family dinners (they have three wonderful children)  and socializing around the fire at night.  This was my first WWOOF experience, and I can only imagine it will be the best."

Alexandra D’Italia, Los Angeles, California USA


"I was wwoofing in Kács for two weeks in July, not my first time wwoofing, but my first time in Hungary. Therefore I was quite excited what I would find there. In the end I found myself having a great time! I felt very welcomed by Berta and Csaba and from the first minute I was integrated in all parts of their life. I learned a lot and had experiences that are hard to get elsewhere such as trying to milk goats, learning to cement a path, making bread in a real "kemence" (one of several Hungarian words I picked up) and more. There was good homemade food, campfires sometimes, I enjoyed the really stunning landscape around the small village and I also got to know some local people. I admire the way Berta and Csaba live their life, how they integrate others and work hard to develope their farm! I wish them all the best and hope they continue just like they did!"
Elisabeth, Germany