Our non-governmental organization's (NGO's) intention is to educate people and society to live more sustainable, environment protecionist and healthier way of life. We are operating a place, where we present a mostly self-sustaining lifestyle that satisfies the demands of the family first of all, in an economically way, consciously using the sources of energy. We also organise programmes in the themes of sustainable lifestyle, supporting its becoming general in a wider circle.


Our place is located in a tiny village called Kács at the Northeast of Hungary, the southern foot of Bükk Mountain. We are accepted volunteers here, to help in the daily activity around the small farm: they work in the kitchen-garden and orchard, harvesting, preserving fruits and vegetables, dealing with our animals (at present goats, sheeps, poultry). They also can solve tasks connected to the organized programmes.


The volunteers receive accommodation in a separate stone house and free board for their work. We eat little meat and consume mostly our own products (fruits and vegetables, home-made bread, goat milk, cheese, cottage cheese and meat of our animals). Vegetarian meals can also be prepared on request.

The cooperation and the balance of giving and getting are of great importance in this programme; we do our best on our part and we expect the same from the volunteers. The cooperation and communication with each other is very important for us .
We are able to communicate in simple English, German, Spanish languages and Hungarian as native.


For more information write us an email: eletfalevel@gmail.com





Pictures about the village, Kács: